Bred Banque Populaire - Vanuatu

Internet Banking

 BRED Online is our internet banking system that offers you a fast, easy and convenient way to do your personal or business banking.

 With BRED Online you can:

 Check account balances and transaction history for all your accounts (loan accounts and savings accounts)

  • Download transaction histories
  • Get bank account coordinates and bank details
  • Get the latest term deposit rates
  • Get the latest foreign exchange rates
  • Transfer funds to your other linked BRED accounts
  • Make payments to third party accounts held at  BRED
  • Make international payments and transfers
  • Set up scheduled and recurring payments
  • Change your password
  • Stop payments on cheques*
  • Set and control your own access rights to accounts and transaction limits
  • Send a message to BRED's Online support team.

 There are many more features available to help you meet your personal or business banking needs online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Helpful Banking Hints

Take your Fast Deposit Box envelopes to the office.  That way you can do the paperwork
before going to the bank.