How do I switch to E-statement?

You can  arrange now subscribe to receive E-Statements regularly via email by using BRED Online. .

Alternatively you can contact the bank to do so by visiting our closest Branch, contacting your Relationship Manager or emailing us at


What if I do not switch to E-statement?

As of 1 July 2018 we will not be sending paper statements. If you have not subscribed to receive regular E-Statements, you will not be sent any statements (via email or paper). You will however still be able to view statements 24 hours a day using BRED Online, as well as your transaction history on our Mobile App as well as our ATMs.


What if I do not have Internet banking?

It’s a free service that can be setup on the spot. Come into your closest Branch and ask us to set it up for you.


What if I do not have an email address?

There are many offering FREE email addresses which can be set up in minutes.


What if I do not have a computer?

Statements can be viewed on tablets and smart phones. Through our Mobile app you can see your transaction history on smart phones. Download our Mobile App for free by tapping “Bred Bank Vanuatu” in your App Store or your Google play.


What if I do not want it by email?

There are many ways to access your statement:

  • You can access it at anytime online through your online Banking account.
  • You can access a short statement with your ATM card on any of our ATMs! Use our ATM machine and access to your account balance and the last 3 operations you made, for free.

You can come to your closest branch and subscribe to receive it by paper.


What if I prefer to continue to receive my paper Statement?

It is possible! You need to ask for it and you can do it either by visiting your branch, contacting your Relationship Manager or by emailing us at statement@bred.vuWe will charge you VUV 500 per statement and we will be dontating part of these fees for GREEN initiatives.


Can I ask the statement to be sent to more than one email address?

Currently we can only nominate one email address in our system. If you would like it to be sent to more than one email, you could potentially set-up a group email address and give us that address